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How To Choose the Best Disposable Vape for Your Needs?

November 21, 2023

While vaping might be a relatively new phenomenon, it remains a potentially overwhelming one. With so many e-cigarettes to choose from, trying to find the perfect vape for you can be a challenge - even when narrowing down your search to disposable vapes. To find the right one, consider various factors such as flavour options, prices, and nicotine levels. 

Read on to discover more! 

Nicotine Strength 

It’s crucial to remember that vapes contain nicotine, the addictive chemical also found in tobacco cigarettes that triggers the adrenaline-fuelled flight or fight response in the nervous system. Nicotine can significantly affect the body, so we recommend handling it with care and awareness. Interestingly, disposable vapes often can’t alter nicotine levels that other, more advanced vaping technologies do. 

Disposable vapes are portable and sleek, so you can buy them on the go and store them in your pockets or bags discreetly. This design means that compared to other devices, nicotine is typically limited.

This is an important consideration. Why? If you’ve moved from tobacco cigarettes to vapes and you drop your quantity of nicotine too quickly, you could experience nicotine withdrawal. If you’re trying to wean yourself off nicotine altogether, it might be wiser to start with a higher dose of nicotine and slowly decrease it over time until you’re entirely off it. However, as an alternative, if you’ve moved from tobacco cigarettes to vapes but you were never a heavy smoker, then a lower nicotine disposable vape could work better for you as you aim for tobacco cessation. 

Regardless of your reasoning, it’s important to remember that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and its nature makes it difficult to be independent of it. It’s also worth noting that different countries will have additional regulations for the quantity of nicotine allowed in vaping devices. For example, there’s a maximum concentration of 20mg/mL in Canada. So, where you are in the world will also alter the levels of nicotine available to you per vaping device. 

Flavour Options

Before considering all the tips for using disposable vapes, when choosing the best disposable vape for you, there’s no doubt that you need to consider flavouring. While the variety of vaping flavours is negatively influencing teenage vaping habits by drawing them into vaping, for those that are of legal age, it’s an important consideration. 

E-liquid or e-juice is often a combination of food-grade flavouring compounds, meaning that a vape can create the same flavours as almost anything from fruit to desserts to favourite snacks. Disposable vapes offer many flavours beyond the classic mint or menthol taste. For many vapers, it’s the taste that makes the vaping process more or less enjoyable. 

Battery Life 

When considering how disposable vapes work, you need to consider battery life. If you know that you want a vape that won’t require constant recharging, or you don’t want to buy new disposable vapes all the time, then you should examine what battery life will work for you best.

Depending on the brand and the model, manufacturers design vapes for a certain number of puffs, meaning a specific quantity of inhalations. Most disposable e-cigarettes are similar in shape and size because manufacturers have designed them to be easy to use and transport. Therefore, lots of disposable vapes will have a similar battery range. 

That said, if you know you want to get more puffs out of a single-use e-cigarette, you’ll want to buy a disposable e-cigarette with a longer battery life. However, not everyone vapes heavily, so disposable vapes with a smaller battery life will be more suitable for limiting their use. 

But how do you gauge if the battery is suitable? Nearly every disposable vape will have the ‘puff count’ on the box, offering an idea of the approximate number of uses. It’s worth remembering that if you take long inhalations, these might be a couple of puffs combined. There’s no one way to measure a puff, so if you know you take longer inhalations, the puff count isn’t likely to be representative. 

It may surprise you, but the size of your vape will also tie into its puff count or battery life. If you’re after a small, sleek vape, you’ll likely want to choose an e-cigarette with a smaller battery life or puff count as they’re typically lighter and smaller than the e-cigarettes with a higher battery life or puff count. 

Brand Reputation 

At WAKA, we recommend buying your vapes from a trusted manufacturer. Counterfeit vapes are a real problem. Not only do they have the potential to break and cause injuries, but the bogus companies don't regulate nicotine quality and other harmful chemicals, so you won’t know what you’re inhaling. In the UK, the fake vape problem has been described by The Mirror as ‘lethal’ due to the chemical contents of some counterfeits. 

Please make sure that you buy your disposable vapes from a trusted source. 


Undoubtedly, you’ll ask yourself, “How much are disposable vapes?” But there’s no one set price. Everyone has different budgets for the other areas of their lives, and vaping is no other. 

Disposable vapes are available in a range of prices to suit different budgets. The more expensive disposable vapes will likely have a longer battery life or puff count, which could be ideal for your needs. However, if you don’t want a long battery life, spending extra money on a more expensive vape might be an unnecessary investment. That’s why it’s essential to understand how much it costs to use WAKA vapes before investing in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Type of Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes come in various styles, sizes, and prices to suit different budgets and needs. One person’s ideal vape won’t be the same for another. That’s why it’s best to consider factors like battery life, flavour, and cost to determine the one for you.

What Are the Healthiest Disposable Vapes?

Most vapes contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical, and while other chemicals are included, the long-term health effects are currently unknown due to a lack of scientific research. However, buying your vape from a trusted source is wise, so you’re aware of its contents. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right disposable vape for you hinges on a variety of factors. Considering them all before investing is essential to making the best possible purchase. To start browsing and finding the ideal vape for you, discover the WAKA vapes collections today!

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