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How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last? What You Need To Know

May 02, 2023

The lifespan of the average disposable vape depends upon a wide variety of factors. Indeed, the term “average disposable vape” is a bit misleading, as no two vapes are the same.

But you can learn how to monitor the lifespan of disposable vapes by paying attention to these indicators.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Your disposable vape's lifespan depends upon a variety of factors. Three broad factors are the most important: the vape battery, how you store it, and your usage habits. If your pre-charged disposable vape comes with a tiny battery, you store it in direct sunlight, or you use it every single day from sun up to sun down, it won't last you very long. 

Pay attention to battery size and style when buying your disposable vape. These devices can either come with single-use or rechargeable batteries, and the latter kind will last you longer.

It’s best to store your vape in a cool, dry place. Storing it near a heater could overheat the battery, impacting the device’s lifespan.

As far as usage goes, it's up to you. There's nothing wrong with using your vape heavily, but hard, sharp, or rapid succession inhalations can lead to issues like overheating that will lower the lifespan.

How Many Puffs Do Disposable Vapes Have?

You may consistently get 200 puffs per cartridge, but it may last months because you only use your vape once a week. That differs from someone who uses it every day and finds a disposable only lasts two to three days. The vastly different experiences are why instead of the timespan, you can get a more precise estimate of the disposable vape’s lifespan by looking at the number of puffs. 

Different countries have regulations on how many puffs an e-cigarette should deliver. These regulations help to ensure consumer protection and establish quality standards for the vaping industry. 

Consider the regulations on vaping in Canada, for instance. Canada passed theVaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations in 2021 to govern how disposable vapes are labelled, packaged, and sold. There are guidelines around how much concentrated nicotine can be ine-liquid cartridges, with a maximum of 20 mg/mL. But there are no regulations around the general size and capacity of e-liquid cartridges.

That contrasts sharply with the UK, which set e-liquid capacity limits at2mL per pod. That difference creates a vastly different consumer experience, and it's all due to national law, not usage habits or battery size.

Certainly, look into the size of your vape battery and the capacity of your e-liquid cartridges. Monitor how you use your vape if you're interested in its average lifespan. But don't overlook how your nation's laws affect your vape's lifespan and determine how many puffs or nicotine content it can have. 

4 Signs Your Disposable Vape Has Run Out

You might assume it's obvious when your vape has run out of juice. But unless it has a clear case or you can see the e-juice tank, it’s not always evident when a device has run the course of its lifespan and it's time to buy another. 

Here are four tell-tale signs that your vape is on the wane.

Blinking Light

Most vapes, even single-use disposable vapes, are designed with a sensor that will emit a blinking light when battery power is running low. 

There’s no need to worry if you have a vape with a rechargeable battery. Simply recharge your battery, and you can go through a new cycle of pods. 

But if the battery life indicator light starts blinking and your battery isn't rechargeable, it's time to shop for your new vape. 

Less Vapour Output

You can tell when your vape is going downhill by monitoring the vapour output. Vapour output will dwindle when you're at the end of an e-liquid cartridge. 

If you start seeing thinner vapour clouds and less of it altogether, it may be a sign that the vape is about to run out. 

Burnt Taste

Several things can generate a bad taste while vaping, so be careful not to label this automatically as a symptom that your vape is dying. A burnt taste can mean your wattage is too high for the coil head. It can also mean that too much congealed e-liquid has built up around your coils, also called “coil gunk.”

But a burnt taste from your vape can also signal that it will die soon.

Less Flavour 

A loss of flavour can be hard to detect because it's often subtle. It may also indicate low e-juice levels or a particularly weak flavour. 

Still, barring these other possibilities, less flavour can also indicate that your vape isn't working at the strength that it should.

4 Ways To Extend Your Disposable Vape Lifespan

If you've noticed one or more of the signs above, you don't have to replace your device immediately. There are ways that you can extend the lifespan of your disposable vape. Here are our four favourite preventative methods to undertake before your vape prematurely dies. 

Store in Optimal Conditions

Remember that vapes are electronic devices like your cell phone and computer. You've probably had the experience of your phone locking up and preventing usage if it overheats in the sun. High temperatures can damage the internal components of electronics.

Just as damaging is moisture. You probably know better than to drop your vape in water, but humid areas like the bathroom also can allow in moisture. 

Keep your vape stored in a cool, dry place. If you let it sit in the sun or forget it on your bathroom counter, the internal temperature can rise, and moisture can get in, damaging the inner workings. All these factors lead to a shorter lifespan, so the best way to extend the lifespan is to avoid them.

Monitor Draw Length

How long and often you draw on your vape affects its lifespan. You don't have to monitor every puff you take, but taking short breaks between puffs can help preserve the battery and the wicks. The wicking material can degrade due to hard, prolonged puffs.

Treat Your Vape With Care

Like other electronics, vapes do not respond well to drops, scuffs, and water exposure. Your vape may not have a screen that will crack at the slightest drop. But you can do damage internally if you don't treat your vape carefully. 

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your vape is a highly underrated component of good vape ownership. Disposable vapes aren't like mods — they don't have tons of complicated inner hardware that needs to be patiently disassembled and cleaned individually. Just keep debris from blocking the mouthpiece, wipe it down, and generally make sure it's clean.

Final Thoughts

You can get a disposable vape to last thousands of puffs with the right care — and the right brand. Shop WAKA Vape today for disposable vapes lasting from 700 to 6,000 puffs!

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