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What Temperature Settings Are the Best for Vapes?

July 27, 2023

Temperature is an essential part of the vape experience. Refillable devices require users to monitor the temperature, either using a single temperature or a predetermined range. For this reason, many users prefer the simplicity of disposable vapes, which come at a preset, optimal temperature. 

Understanding Temperature-Controlled Vaping

Disposable devices come at a pre-set temperature, but refillable devices have adjustable heat settings. Because temperature is vital for flavour, refillable devices have several options for regulating heat output.

Some vapes have single-temp settings, where the device regulates power output to keep the heat at the specified temperature. Devices that do this can be convenient because users can “set it and forget it,” but this puts more strain on battery life

Others prefer to use range settings. These devices allow users to set a range of temperatures to operate within. The battery automatically adjusts power output to stay in range, which helps extend its life. 

What Are the Benefits of Setting the Correct Temperature?

Many vapers know temps are essential, but it’s easy to underestimate how much impact they can have. Here are just some of the benefits of finding the right temp setting. 

Avoiding Dry or Burnt Inhales

High heat settings can be good for flavour, but if you go too high, you risk dry or burnt inhales. Aside from being an unenjoyable vape experience, it’s also painful for the lips, mouth, nose, and throat. 

Vape Consistency

Temperatures also impact the consistency – or thickness – of the vapour. Finding the perfect consistency depends greatly on personal preference, but it can also change between flavours. Temp-control settings help ensure every puff is consistent.

Extending Battery Life 

Batteries output power, which is used to heat the coils. A regulated heat setting helps ensure the battery puts out the right amount of power needed. Doing so can help reduce the need to recharge and extend battery life over time. 

Enhanced Flavour

Heat settings are key to getting the best flavour. Different e-juices have different optimal temps. In general, juices with dark colours — like chocolate or berries — are better at higher temperatures, while light-coloured flavours like citrus are better at lower temperatures. 


Devices with built-in heat control settings run less risk of overheating, which can damage other parts of the vape and even have the potential to cause burns. This risk is more of a concern with customizable devices. 

The Best Temperature Settings to Enhance Vapor Quality

Most vapes operate between 150°C and 315°C, but many users prefer settings around 200°C. Finding the right temperature settings can depend on the flavour, the type of vape, and personal preference. Here are some general guidelines to get you started:

93-150° Celsius

This temperature range is the lowest for many devices and is especially good for new users. It also works well for longer inhales and cool flavours, like mint. Low temperatures are also better for battery life. 

150-205° Celsius

Many people consider this to be the optimal temperature range. It delivers bold, robust flavour and large vapour clouds without being too hot for comfort. 

205-260° Celsius

More experienced users often prefer this setting. It can deliver a punchy inhale that’s full of flavour. 

However, the heat can override the flavour if you’re not used to high temperatures. High heat can also take a toll on battery life over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Low Temp Vaping Better Than High Temp?

Personal preference and e-juice flavour can play a significant role in finding the best temperature. Lower temperatures are better for light juices and new vapers, while higher temperatures are better for dark juices and more experienced users. Lower temperatures are also better for preserving battery life.

What’s the Best Setting for My Vape?

Many users prefer a middle-temperature range, around 200°C. This temperature range works well with most flavours and devices, delivering a bold taste and large clouds. 

You generally don’t have to worry about overheating or dry inhales at this temperature. This range also works well for long inhales and consistency over time.

Looking for a New Disposable Vape? Shop WAKA!

Temperature plays a significant role in the vaping experience. Refillable devices require users to set their own temperature, which is why many prefer disposables. 

Disposable vapes from WAKA come with one optimal temperature setting, so there's no guesswork. Browse the different collections we offer today to find the perfect fit! 

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