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soMatch Mini— Everything You Should Know

June 15, 2023

Discover the next level of vaping with the soMatch Mini by WAKA Vape. Packed with innovative design and advanced technology, this revolutionary compact device comes with everything you need to enjoy vaping on the go. Experience the enhanced taste, reduced waste and wide range of flavour profiles all in a convenient package. 

What Is the soMatch Mini?

The soMatch Mini is the ultimate vaping device that combines disposable vapes' convenience with a box mod's sustainability. 

Backed with a rechargeable battery and Vcot™ tech, you’ll enjoy more flavorful and longer-lasting experiences. 

What Makes the soMatch Mini Special?

The soMatch Mini is truly a one-of-a-kind vape solution. It’s a culmination of innovative technology and advanced design to enhance your vaping experience.

Explore the unique features that set the soMatch Mini apart from the rest. 

Rechargeable Device & Replaceable Pod

This unique disposable vape is totally customizable thanks to its ability to be recharged and the option to replace the e-liquid pod. Users have the option to keep the device and replace the pod with whatever flavour they choose. 

Compatibility with RELX Devices

The soMatch Mini is engineered to be dual-compatible with both RELX devices, such as Infinity Essential and Artisan. You can seamlessly transition between devices which is extra handy if you’re already a RELX user.

With the option to use RELX products with WAKA’s soMatch Mini, users get even more choices with this vape at a more affordable price point. Enjoy the familiarity of RELX and/or WAKA design while exploring new devices to fit your needs. 

Environmentally Conscious

Join the movement towards a greener future by choosing the soMatch Mini. Our innovative design features a built-in rechargeable battery, completely eliminating the need for replacement. With the soMatch Mini, you’re participating in the effort to reduce the carbon footprint and protect our planet

Tastes Better

Equipped with Vcot™ tech, the soMatch Mini elevates your vaping journey to new heights. Experience a 25% increase in heating efficiency and sweetness compared to most mainstream mesh devices. This advanced technology ensures maximum richness and juiciness, allowing you to savour every puff. 

Choose from an extensive flavour menu to suit your taste preference. From the tropical blend of Kiwi Passion Guava to the cooling sensation of Banana Ice, there’s a flavour for every palate. 


Designed with a transparent e-liquid cabin, you can check your e-liquid levels anytime. With the soMatch Mini, you’ll never worry about running out of juice again. This puts you in control over your vaping experience. 

Who’s the soMatch Mini For?

The SoMatch Mini is the perfect vaping solution for people prioritizing versatility, flavour and sustainability. Here’s who the SoMatch Mini is designed for: 

  • Environmentally-conscious vapers: The rechargeable battery significantly reduces waste by rescuing the need for constant replacements. 
  • Vapers on a budget: With up to 600 puffs per pod, it provides the equivalent of up to 4ml at 1200 puffs for the price of a 2ml disposable vape. 
  • Flavour enthusiasts: Powered by Vcot™ tech, soMatch Mini boasts a powerful 25% increase in sweetness and heating efficiency, delivering maximum texture and richness.

Shop WAKA Vape!

If you’re tired of constant replacements, the soMatch Mini is for you. The reusable battery ensures your device is ready to go, no matter where life takes you. 

Shop WAKA Vape today and experience the future of vaping with cutting-edge Vcot technology for superior taste and efficiency.

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