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Side Effects of Vaping Without Nicotine

September 01, 2023

There are all sorts of reasons you might be considering a nicotine-free vape. Maybe you enjoy the flavour, or maybe you're considering using it as an aid to quit smoking. 

Whatever your reason may be, as with any product, it's wise to make sure you're informed of possible side effects and impacts on your health. 

The side effects associated with vaping, including vaping without nicotine, are important to understand before you start using a vape product so you can gauge whether it's the right decision for you. 

Below, we've compiled a list of some of the possible side effects that can result from vaping without nicotine so you can make an informed decision when choosing to use one of these products.

Lung & Throat Irritation

You may experience irritation to the lungs and throat due to vaping. You may hear this sensation referred to as a “throat hit," which describes that burning, tingling sensation that vapers feel when inhaling vapour. 


A study has suggested that some e-liquids may lead to an amount of inflammation in the lungs. More studies will need to be done in order to get more information on how much inflammation may occur over more extended periods of time. 

A 2018 in-vitro study suggested that the flavouring in e-juice could trigger an inflammatory response


E-liquids contain chemicals that can have toxic effects, whether or not nicotine is included in the e-liquid. For example, a study from 2015 illustrated that heating glycerol and propylene glycol in e-liquids creates compounds that release formaldehyde — which the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)lists as carcinogenic to humans.

This and other studies have indicated that vapes, even those with no nicotine, can lead to toxic effects on your body. Even if they are less hazardous than traditional cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapour comes with its own risks. 

How Does Vaping Without Nicotine Compare to Smoking?

Vaping without nicotine has been associated with fewer risks to your health than smoking traditional cigarettes. In fact, around 48,000 people die from the use of tobacco in Canada every year. 

If you're a smoker looking to quit, then vaping without nicotine could be an alternative that poses fewer risks — but this doesn't mean that it comes without any risks at all. You should still be aware of the possible side effects, including toxicity, inflammation, and irritation of the throat and lungs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vaping without Nicotine Harm You?

Vaping, including vaping without nicotine, doesn't come without its risks. Some of the side effects you may experience include throat and lung irritation, toxicity, and inflammation. It's important to understand the risks if you choose to vape. 

Are 0 Nicotine Vapes Addictive? 

You can become addicted to anything, but nicotine is the addictive substance traditionally associated with vape and cigarette addiction. You won't develop a nicotine addiction if there's no nicotine in the vape. 

However, be mindful that some vapes that supposedly didn't contain nicotine have been shown to contain this addictive substance, so make sure your vapes are really nicotine-free. In addition, it's possible that your e-liquid may contain other addictive substances as well.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Vaping Without Nicotine? 

Vaping without nicotine allows you to vape without the risk of nicotine addiction, and nicotine-free vape options are typically available for a lower price. On the downside, users could experience inflammation, throat and lung irritation, and toxicity.

What is the Healthiest Vape? 

There's no such thing as a “healthy” vape. While it's been suggested that vaping is healthier than smoking, this doesn't mean that vaping comes without its risks. Even with a 0% nicotine vape, you still run the risk of experiencing side effects, including toxicity, throat and lung irritation, and inflammation. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it's essential to be aware of the risks associated with vaping — even 0% nicotine vapes. If you choose to vape, you may experience side effects that include inflammation, throat and lung irritation, and toxicity.

However, vaping does contain fewer harmful chemicals than you'll find in cigarettes, making them a better option and one that some use to help them quit. 

If you do choose to vape and think a 0% nicotine vape is right for you, make sure you're using high-quality and reliable products. Browse our selection at WAKA Vape today!

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