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Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt? [Expert’s Guide]

April 18, 2023

One of the biggest distinctions between smoking and vaping is the taste. While traditional cigarettes produce an ashy taste, vaping is smoother without that burnt flavour. 

If your vapour begins to taste burnt, there’s probably something wrong with it. The good news is you can take several steps to try and fix the problem.

Why Does Your Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

There's no single reason your disposable vape begins to taste burnt; it could even be a combination of different factors. It's also worth remembering that disposable vapes don’t last forever. While some models have refillable cartridges, others are single-use, and a burnt taste is often the sign that a vape's life cycle is ending.

Here are some of the most common causes of a burnt taste, and we'll go through ways to prevent it immediately after.

The Disposable is out of Juice 

The most likely reason for a burnt taste is that the juice has run out, and you’re now essentially just burning the coil and the small piece of cotton inside the vape. When there isn't enough e-liquid in a vape, the coil begins to overheat as there is nothing for the small wick to saturate. 

A Blockage is Preventing the E-Liquid from Vapourising 

Another potential liquid-related issue is that there is a blockage somewhere. It's always worth turning the vape upside down a few times to ensure it's distributing well and getting from the wick to the coil.

You're Vaping Wrong 

You might not think there's a right and a wrong way to vape — it's just inhaling and then exhaling, surely? 

Actually, a few methods of inhaling exist, some better than others. It may surprise you that some of these methods also better suit specific vapes. 

Larger tank models are great for long direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales. With DTL, the vapour goes directly down into your lungs.

Smaller disposable vapes are generally designed for shorter mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhales. With this technique, you briefly hold the vapour in the mouth before inhaling it into the lungs.

When people move over to vaping from traditional cigarettes, they often try to mimic the intensity of smoking by taking too many puffs in too short a time or using DTL inhales rather than MTL. The quick-puff method, known as chain vaping, is a common reason behind a burnt taste. 

Your vape needs a little time between puffs so the wick can become soaked in e-liquid. Otherwise, the wick begins to burn, and that nasty taste appears in your throat.

Blocked Airflow

A burning taste could also be because you're holding the vape incorrectly. Almost every vape has small air holes providing circulation to keep the tiny mechanics working correctly. If you have your fingers over these holes while you vape, you’re preventing this airflow.

Over time, blocked air passages could cause the coil to overheat. Check your finger positionings and avoid covering the tiny holes.

There’s Build-Up From Dust, Debris, Lint, etc.

Block airflow can also occur because you're not storing your vape correctly when you're not using it. 

Many people carry their vapes in their pockets, where lint can get into the little holes. Some users also throw their vapes into a bag with many crumbs or dust inside. These tiny particles can easily get lodged inside the air holes and restrict the necessary airflow.

The Coil is Dead (or Dying)

The coil is vital to any vape that heats the atomizer and turns the e-liquid into vapour. If you begin to taste a burning sensation, it may be because the coil is ending. 

If your disposable vape coil is the source of the issue, it’s best to throw it away. Heated coils that have surpassed their lifespan can release toxic metals into the vape.

It’s worth noting that you usually can’t replace the coil, even with refillable vapes. It’s one of the drawbacks of using disposable vapes since you have a low-cost product that you can replace easily. 

It's a Cheap Model 

The booming vaping industry means that businesses are appearing all the time, and while we'd love to believe that everybody is providing excellent quality products, that's not the case. 

It's a fine line between finding value for money and a substandard vaping product. Trawling the internet for the lowest possible prices might sound like a great idea, but in reality, you might be purchasing something that begins to fall apart much sooner than it should. There’s also the problem of a rise in counterfeit vapes, as predatory sellers have sought to capitalize on the popularity of vaping. 

If you can taste burning and you've only just started using a vape, it might be a question of purchasing a better quality vape next time. Always buy from reputable sellers like WAKA Vape and purchase directly from the manufacturer as much as possible.

Manufacturing Fault 

Occasionally, a burnt taste could be down to a minor manufacturing fault. If this is the case, there’s almost certainly nothing you can do except toss it or return it to the seller. 

Getting a refund for a faulty product is easier if you buy directly from the manufacturer. It’s another reason why buying direct is preferable.

How to Prevent Disposable Vape From Tasting Burnt

As we've seen, there are several reasons that a vape might be giving out a burnt taste, some that you can fix and some you can't. If you taste that charred flavour, work through these steps and check after each one to see any changes.

Shake It Up 

Give the vape a few shakes, turning it upside down several times to get the e-liquid flowing. The e-liquid could be blocked somewhere, and shaking it will dislodge the blockage.

Check Your Vaping Technique

Before thinking about the e-liquid or coil, ask yourself how you're vaping. Slow things down if you have been chain vaping or DTL inhaling rather than MTL. Your disposable will last longer using moderate inhalations and avoiding short, rapid, sharp puffs.

Keep the Air Holes Clear 

While assessing your vaping, check to see where your hands are, and keep your fingers clear of the air holes. Also, think about where you're storing your vape. If you're in a dirty or dusty environment, check the air holes occasionally to confirm they’re clear.

The Final Step 

If these steps don't bear fruit, it may be time to get a new vape, depending on what kind of disposable you're using. Whether it’s down to a burned-out coil, manufacturer fault, or the cheapness of the material, a replacement is in order if the device has reached the end of its lifespan.

Time to Buy a New Vape? Shop WAKA Vape!

Disposable vapes offer convenience and a smooth taste. Since you don’t have to replace any parts, the burnt taste usually isn’t an issue. But if it does become one, it’s time to head to WAKA. As a reputable vape manufacturer, we’re committed to delivering quality products you can rely on—shop today for disposable vapes that last as many as 6000 puffs. 

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