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Dual Mesh for Vaping: Pros and Cons

November 21, 2023

Knowing how your vaping devices work can be the difference between finding a vape that works for you or spending more money than you’d like to. While understanding vaping components can be confusing, it’s essential to gain insight into the benefits and restrictions of using dual mesh coils for vaping compared to single coils. 

To see whether or not dual mesh components are for you, find out how they work and their advantages and disadvantages. 

What Exactly Is Dual Mesh?

To understand dual mesh coils, you need first to know how they fit in the makeup of a vape. Vapes are e-cigarette devices that use electrical systems to work. On a basic level, the battery heats the coils, and the coils heat the e-liquid to generate the vapour that the user inhales and exhales. 

As the name suggests, a single coil device will only come with one, whereas a dual coil device will have two. The dual coils will often consume more power than the single coils as the locks vapourize the e-juice quicker, producing more vapour. 

Coils have additional uses, too. Like gatekeepers, the coils choose the compatibility of e-liquid with specific vapes, the speed or tightness or drawing, and the quantity of vapour produced. Traditional components are round wire coils in a spring shape, making them accessible and cheap to manufacture. 

However, mesh components step in to correct the limitations of traditional wire coils. Unlike the simple spring shape, manufacturers primarily construct mesh coils with metal strips with holes punched through them. While not new to the vaping world, they used to be the popular wicking material before cotton became the favoured material. 

Mesh coils can increase surface area while their flat design reduces their volume. Traditionally, these coils are kanthal or stainless steel. 

Dual Mesh Coil Pros

Fast Firing 

The netted components will “fire” or heat quicker than the single, traditional coils. Couple that with the dual coils; it can heat even faster than a single mesh component. The quicker the heating process, the more vapour is produced - a significant advantage. 

Greater Flavouring

Netted coils allow for a larger surface area; alongside their fast-firing abilities, this can help increase the power of the flavours. 


Mesh components cover the whole wick surface area, meaning the ring has consistent heating. When this is multiplied by two, it only adds to the consistency. The even heating of the e-juice then ensures that all inhalations offer the same experience over time. 


Consistency and longevity go hand in hand. The coils become less strained over time because the heat is evenly distributed and not solely focused in one spot. It’s expected for vapers using single regular coils instead of dual mesh coils to replace their locks more often than those who use double mesh components.

Sadly, dual mesh coils aren’t the solution for the ever-annoying presence of coil “gunk.” This leftover residue sticks to the coil when the e-liquid doesn't vapourize cleanly. Interestingly, the sweeter the e-juice, the more likely it’ll stick to the coil over time. However, compared to a single coil, the dual mesh coil can last longer because of the lower mass. Because the mesh coils can heat and cool quickly, the coils and vape will then last longer.


Because mesh coils only need a low wattage, your battery doesn’t get used up as quickly. Increasing battery life also helps the longevity and power-efficiency of the vape, saving you money in the long run. 

Dual Mesh Coil Cons

Health concerns 

As with any vape, there are health risks, most of which the long-term effects are still unknown due to a lack of research. Existing research suggests that there are several vaping-related illnesses; it stands to reason that the more vapour inhaled, the more damage you could do to your body. While moving from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping will eliminate the harmful carbon monoxide and tar that smokers inhale, it doesn’t stop other health risks. 

With dual components having the power to create more vapour than a regular single-coil vape, you must regulate your use and be aware of how much vapour you’re inhaling. Inhaling too much vapour could result in symptoms such as coughing and a dry throat, as well as inhaling more chemicals like formaldehyde. If you’re ever concerned about your health, please consult your doctor. 

Heat preferences

While they may heat quicker, mesh coils don’t always reach high heat levels, so if you like to control your heat levels, the dual mesh coil might not be a suitable option for you. 

Too Much E-Liquid Consumption 

If you increase the surface area of a coil, as is the case with the dual mesh coil, there’s a greater consumption of e-liquid because more e-juice is used to create significant amounts of vapour. If you like to perform tricks, like ghost inhaling, that require a lot of vapour, you’ll find that the dual mesh coil is both an ally and a foe. You’ll have to restock your e-liquid repeatedly, which doesn’t bode well for your bank account. 

Frequent top-ups aren’t a problem for some, but for others, the dual mesh coils won’t work for their budgets. Single coil options, then, do have a space in the vaping arena. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dual Mesh Coils Better?

In some respects, dual mesh coils are better for producing more significant amounts of vapour, with benefits such as increased longevity and power efficiency. However, there are cons to using dual mesh coils, such as quicker consumption of e-liquid. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that there are many advantages to using dual mesh devices. However, no device is perfect, and you might have to spend more money to refill your e-liquid with a double mesh device than you would with a single-coil e-cigarette. 

If you fancy changing from a single coil to a dual mesh coil device like the WAKA soPro PA10000, browse the WAKA vape collection today!

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