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Does Vaping in the Cold Damage Your Vape?

August 22, 2023

Vapes have come a long way in the two decades since Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented them in 2003. Smaller, lighter, and with batteries that can last for days, modern vapes are a world away from what first appeared. 

However, they can be susceptible to external elements such as extreme heat and cold – yet, how much they are impacted is still open to debate. Here’s what we know.

Is It Safe to Vape in Cold Weather Conditions?

Vaping in cold weather conditions is considered safe in terms of human use, but you may experience technical difficulties when temperatures drop. 

While there’s no significant physical risk, the way your vape is impacted may make you feel tempted to take more frequent/longer puffs, which isn’t exactly good for your health. In addition, the reduced humidity may cause a dry throat, which could be uncomfortable and cause coughing. If you’re experiencing ill effects from vaping in the cold, it’s best to listen to your body’s reaction. 

There’s long been a suspicion that vaping in cold weather can damage your lungs, but there’s no basis for this argument based on current evidence.

Can the Cold Weather Damage Your Vape’s Battery?

While the human body is easily adaptable during cold periods, your vape battery isn't quite so versatile. As with high temperatures, the cold can harm your battery – and the lower the temperature drops, the worse it will get. 

Different models vary regarding cold weather performance, but your battery can drain between 30% and 60% faster in freezing temperatures. This loss of power is because lower temperatures slow the chemical reactionsoccurring. This process is the same in cars, smartphones, and vape batteries. 

Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

It may take some time before batteries become temperature resilient, but there are several things you can do to help your vape maintain peak performance during cold weather. 

Store Your Vape Properly

The best way to keep your vape working optimally during freezing temperatures is to store it at warmer temperatures. Obviously, this doesn't mean keeping it in excessively hot settings, but somewhere at room temperature (between 15 and 25°C) is ideal. 

If you find yourself in the cold for prolonged periods, think about wrapping your vape in a cloth or even an item of clothing. Doing this should help to maintain its functionality. Never leave a vape in a cold car, especially overnight, or you could take that first puff in the morning and find absolutely no battery left.

Keep the Battery Warm

While there are certainly issues with e-juice thickening during cold periods, which we're just coming to, the battery is the component that experiences the worst impacts from harsh weather. If you're using a chargeable vape, always take a charger with you if you're venturing into the cold, as your battery can sometimes be badly affected. 

If you’re carrying your vape outside in cold temperatures, consider storing it in a pocket close to you so it can piggyback off your body temperature. Putting it in a bag or external coat pocket might expose it to lower temperatures, and you could see some adverse effects as a result.

Keep Your E-Juice From Freezing

You’d need to be somewhere really cold for your e-liquid to freeze completely. However, in cold weather, you might experience a thickening of your e-juice, which can cause issues with your vape. 

Two principal ingredient options of e-juice arePropylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable Glycol (VG), with the first having a lower freezing temperature, so anything with PG can withstand the cold better.

So while your juice won't completely freeze unless it’s extremely cold, it can become thicker, making it harder to burn. With that in mind, don't store your juice anywhere really cold, and if you find you’re having problems, simply put the vape somewhere warm for a while, and the situation should remedy itself. 

Glove Up 

Wearing gloves while vaping might take some time to get used to, but it's remarkable how much it can help. If you're vaping in cold weather, simply putting on a pair of gloves can help keep your vape warm and working well. Gloves will also help to keep fingers warm, which, as any vaper knows, can be a nagging issue in cold weather. 

Avoid Metal Mouthpieces

You’ve probably heard the stories of children freezing their tongues to telephone poles during freezing temperatures. To prevent the same from happening with your vape, opt for glass, rubber, or plastic mouthpieces. Add in some lip balm to keep things comfortable as you vape in colder temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vapes Go Bad in the Cold?

Like any small mechanical device, vapes can suffer in cold weather. Battery life will likely decrease, and e-juice can become thicker, which can result in issues. You can mitigate these problems by ensuring you always keep your vape in a warm place.

Final Thoughts

There’s no scientific evidence that vaping in cold weather is harmful to humans. While lower temperatures can affect vape performance, a few simple steps can address this issue, such as keeping the battery warm, storing it appropriately, and wearing gloves when vaping outside.

Vaping technology has changed dramatically in just a few years, and WAKA Vapeis proud to offer innovative vaping options. We offer various vaping products to suit every need, so there’s something for every vaper. Browse our selection today! 

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