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3 Best Disposable Vapes in 2023

May 20, 2023

Disposable vapes are changing the vaping industry and bringing users new levels of convenience. They’ve become so popular that finding the best option among the endless options of vape devices can be difficult. 

We’ve done the research for you and reviewed the best disposable vapes in 2023. The winners are: 

Best Overall — WAKA soPro PA10000

Best Flavour Selection — WAKA SMASH

Most Convenient — WAKA SOLO

Best Disposable Vapes in 2023

Best Overall — WAKA soPro PA10000

Very few disposable vapes can compete with the WAKA soPro PA10000, the obvious choice for the experienced vaper. 

This vape offers two modes: normal and boost. The normal mode features a DUAL MESH tech helping you get the most out of the device. It runs on a more efficient power setting to make the device last more than 10,000 puffs. 

If you’re an experienced vaper who wants more intensity and bigger vape clouds, the Boost mode doubles the power, delivering a more intense and flavourful experience. 

You’re getting a long-lasting battery either way with the soPro, so you never have to worry about inconsistent taste. It features an 850mAh pure cobalt rechargeable battery for a long-lasting experience. It can fast-charge in 45 minutes to 80% with USB-C charging.

With its dual-mode capability and long-lasting battery life, the soPro is for the pro vape user for a reason. 


  • Lasts longer than most disposable vapes
  • Normal and Boost modes let you optimize your experience 
  • Rechargeable, so it’s always ready to use 
  • Able to create bigger clouds 
  • Clear battery indicators to alert you when power is low 


  • Slightly more expensive than low-quality options 
  • Nicotine strength may be too strong for some vapers 
  • Lots of flavours, but fewer options than WAKA SMASH and SOLO 

Who’s It For?

  • Experienced vapers who enjoy creating large vape clouds and more intense flavours 
  • Budget consumers who want the most bang-for-their buck since Normal mode lasts over 10,000 puffs 
  • Vaping enthusiasts who want the very best of the best and are unwilling to compromise on quality

Best Flavour Selection — WAKA SMASH

The WAKA SMASH offers over 25 flavours, ranging from sweet and fruity to tangy and savoury, making it the best in class for flavour selection. 

It’s not just the selection where it reigns supreme, either. A unique 9-layer FlavorLock tech maintains the quality and freshness of the e-juice. Every puff has a consistent and satisfying flavour, from the first to the last. 

WAKA SMASH has a USB-C charging capability, allowing you to recharge the battery. It can charge 80% in just 35 minutes, so your device is powered up and ready to use at your convenience. 

The WAKA SMASH is a one-of-a-kind vape. Nine vibrant colour designs allow you to stand out and express your style. With 12ml of e-juice that delivers up to 6,000 puffs, your disposable can last up to ten days. 


  • Over 25+ flavours to choose from
  • FlavourLock tech locks in the flavour for a smooth and consistent taste 
  • 4-gate safety control system means the battery, e-liquid and heating elements are free from safety hazards 
  • Lasts a long time 
  • USB-C charging lets you recharge the battery


  • Slightly more pricey than low-quality disposable vapes
  • Not suited for those who don’t want to customize their vape experience 
  • Some may prefer a lower nicotine strength 

Who’s it For?

  • Any vaper who enjoys experimenting with flavours 
  • Vapers looking for an easy-to-use option
  • Experienced vapers who want a quality vape that delivers a smooth and consistent taste 

Most Convenient — WAKA SOLO

For convenience, you won’t find a better option than the WAKA SOLO. The thin vape pen, about the size and shape of a standard chapstick, can fit into your pocket or purse. 

Despite its slim profile, the WAKA SOLO holds 5.5ml of e-liquid, enough for up to 1800 puffs. That’s roughly 5 to 7 days of use. Available in one or three packs, you can easily purchase enough vapes for your travel escapades without worrying about running out. 

Unlike low-quality disposable vape pens, the WAKA SOLO is powered by innovative mesh technology to ensure a smoother vape experience with no overheating. 


  • Compact and lightweight – about the size of a chapstick 
  • Sleek futuristic look, adding to the aesthetic appeal 
  • Lasts for a long time 
  • Smooth and consistent taste 
  • Wide range of flavours 


  • No recharge 
  • Limited customization 
  • Some vapes may last even longer, like the WAKA SMASH or soPRO PA10000

Who’s it For?

  • Travellers who want the convenience of a compact vape 
  • People who live busy lifestyles who need a vape on the go 
  • New vapers (recently switched to vaping) who want to invest in an affordable disposable vape and try out different flavours 

Types of Disposable Vapes

There are millions of disposable vape models, but most of them boil down to two types: standard (non-rechargeable) and rechargeable. 

Standard (Non-rechargeable) Disposable Vapes

Standard disposable vapes are single-use devices that come pre-charged and pre-filled. These vapes come with an internal battery and have a specific puff count. 

Many are buttonless and activate when you inhale on the device. Your puffs heat the coil automatically to produce vapour. 

Standard non-rechargeable vapes are accessible, compact and beginner-friendly. It doesn’t get any more user-friendly. 

The only downside is that you have to replace them more often. The environmental liability of vaping is because of the e-waste. Non-rechargeable vapes mean you must replace them as soon as the device runs out.

That said, non-rechargeables are convenient. They don’t require maintenance or recharging, eliminating the risk of leaks and spills. 

Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

Rechargeable disposable vapes combine the convenience of disposable vapes with the sustainability of rechargeable devices.

The real benefit of rechargeable disposable vapes is that you get maximum performance and lifespan from your device.

Let’s say you paid for 800 puffs. With a non-rechargeable vape, every puff slowly drains the power from the battery, which causes the performance to dip. The performance slows when the battery is low, meaning you get a less-than-ideal vaping experience.

Rechargeable vapes deliver consistent performance for as long as the e-juice lasts. They’re also more environmentally friendly since you won’t have to dispose of vapes as frequently. 

However, they tend to be more expensive than non-rechargeable options and will require more maintenance to recharge the battery. 

What to Look For When Buying a Disposable Vape

There are some simple factors to consider when shopping for disposable vapes to help optimize your experience. 


The choice of flavours is among the main contributing factors to the rise in popularity of disposable vapes. It’s common for others to switch from tobacco cigarettes to disposable vapes to explore the array of flavours. 

Generally, disposable vapes have a more concentrated flavour than other smoking alternatives. Disposable vapes have pre-soaked cotton wicks, which increases the flavour intensity. 

They also use nicotine salt in their e-juice, which has a lower pH and a more flavourful profile. 

We recommend finding a vape supplier like WAKA that offers a wide range of flavours. For example, the WAKA SMASH, SOLO and soPro have over a dozen flavours each, allowing you to experiment and find the one that fits your taste buds. 

Battery Life 

A long-lasting battery is essential when picking out your disposable vape. 

Low-quality vape pens may have batteries that deplete before the e-juice is finished. Ideally, you’ll want a disposable vape pen with a battery of 320mAh or more. 

The WAKA soPro PA10000 features a pure cobalt battery with 850mAh, meaning you get a powerful battery that lasts a long time. Plus, a battery indicator light displays your battery life so you know when it’s running low. 

Nicotine Strength

Most nicotine strengths are labelled as mg/mL, meaning it contains a specific amount of nicotine per amount of e-liquid. For example, many WAKA vape pens contain 18 mg/ML. 

Generally, it’s best to consider your tolerance level and desired vaping experience. Moderate and heavier users may look for vape pens with 18 mg/ML or above, while less-experienced vapers or ones looking to reduce their nicotine intake should consider lower nicotine levels. 

Advantages of Disposable Vapes

  • Disposable vapes are convenient since they come pre-filled and pre-charged. 
  • They’re more affordable than regular vape mods. 
  • There’s no need to replace the coil, clean or recharge the vape.
  • You get to pick from a wide range of flavours and try many of them. 
  • Disposable vape uses nicotine salt, which is more concentrated without a harsh throat hit that vapes with freebase nicotine causes. 
  • Disposable vapes are compact and lightweight, making them convenient to carry around. 
  • It’s a mouth-to-lung device designed to mimic the experience of a cigarette, which is easier to use. 
  • Since no maintenance is needed, you won’t need to worry about leaks or spills. 
  • Disposable vapes are widely available and can be purchased online from reputable sellers like WAKA. 
  • The vapour clouds also don’t give off any odour like combustible cigarettes. 

Disadvantages of Disposable Vapes

  • Disposable vapes can contribute to e-waste, although rechargeable options reduce how often you have to dispose of one.
  • You can’t adjust the nicotine strength or other settings with disposable vapes.
  • The cost can add up rather than buying one main vape pen. 
  • They’re not as customizable, meaning fewer options to reduce vaping costs. 
  • You have to replace your disposable device more frequently unless you sign up for a subscription program.


Which Is the Best Disposable Vape?

The best disposable vape depends on your individual needs. WAKA soPro PA10000 is the best all-around vape and great if you’re an experienced vaper who wants a more intense experience. The WAKA SMASH has the widest flavour selection, while the WAKA SOLO is the most convenient and travel-friendly choice. 

Looking for Top Disposable Vapes in Canada? Shop WAKA Vape!

Finding the right disposable vape doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

We hope our guide has helped you decide which disposable vapes are right for you. If you want the highest-quality vape that delivers a smooth and consistent taste, there’s no better place than WAKA Vape. 

Shop our selection of vapes to fit your specific needs, whether that’s a compact travel solution like SOLO or something more robust like the soProPA10000.

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