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Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better? [Expert’s Guide]

July 15, 2023

You might think reusable vape mods and pod mods will give you a deeper flavour and better taste. But bigger isn't always better, especially in the case of vapes.

The experts have weighed in with this guide. Here are the reasons disposable vapes will actually give you a better taste.

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

It's not just your imagination or the fact that you found a flavour you like. Disposable vapes do give you a deeper flavour and better taste — and there are specific reasons behind that.

Pre-Soaked Cotton Wicks

If you've never owned a vape mod or a pod mod, you've never had the pleasure of opening a vape up and inspecting all the parts. These highly sophisticated electronic devices contain dozens of small parts that work together to deliver smooth vapour on demand.

The wick is one of the most critical parts of any vape — reusable and disposable alike. The wick carries the e-liquid from its cartridge or your tank's reservoir to the atomizer coil. The atomizer coil then converts it into a vapour that you can inhale. 

Like a candle, wicks are fluffy, white cords made from various materials, including cotton, flax, hemp, silica, rayon, and even ceramic. Each of these materials has a distinct level of absorbency, its own “burning point,” and heat resistance.

The vast majority of disposable vapes contain cotton wicks. Cotton is also the most common material for wicks in reusable vapes. There are plenty of flaws to cotton wicks. But they represent the best material overall for transporting e-liquid for high-temperature vaping. 

Disposable vapes provide such great flavour because they come with pre-soaked cotton wicks. When you buy a vape mod or pod mod, you must load the cartridge with e-liquid yourself. Unless you wait a long time, the wicks may not absorb much e-liquid. 

Disposable vapes, however, are constructed with pre-filled cartridges, so the wicks are soaking the entire time they're being packaged, distributed, and sold. It lends to a fuller flavour profile.

Streamlined Design

For the most part, disposable vapes have a standard design. They're long, round or rectangular devices with a mouthpiece on one end. Because there's little design variability, you can bank on a reliable flavour experience. There are no refillable kits; the wicks will be cotton, and it will come with a standard 1.2-ohm resistance coil. All these elements combine to provide you with an ideal vaping experience in disposables. 

These same elements also allow for variability and error in reusable vapes, and any small change or misstep in the user’s modifications could lower the flavour quality.

E-Liquid Quality

A huge reason that disposable vapes have such good flavour is the type of e-liquid used. The most common type of e-liquid used in disposable vapes uses nicotine salts. These create a stronger flavour and a smoother hit. 

E-liquids that don't contain nicotine salts can be harder on the throat. They're higher strength, which some prefer. But users seeking a vape experience that's smooth and tasty tend to prefer disposable vapes.

How Can You Get Great Flavour With a Reusable Vape Kit?

Using a vape mod or pod mod doesn't mean you'll automatically get worse flavour when compared with disposables. You can do things to boost the flavour experience in your reusable vape kit. 

Check the Ratio of Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin

The first thing you have to check is the ratio of Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin. Any vape product should have the list of ingredients displayed clearly so that users can be aware of what they consume.

These compounds in e-liquids heighten the flavour, smooth it out, and accentuate the different vapour qualities.

PG is more common than VG in e-liquid, as it has a thinner consistency and is cheaper to manufacture. Since VG is more viscous than PG and comes at a higher cost, it creates a deeper and more luxurious vaping experience. VG also creates thicker clouds and is sweeter, which affects the overall taste. 

Coil Maintenance

The amount of maintenance is a significant difference between using a disposable vape and a reusable vape kit. Reusable vape kits need routine cleaning and maintenance, starting with coil maintenance. 

Depending on your type of vape, you'll need to replace the coils as often as once a week but at least once a month. When coils get gunked up, they absorb less flavour from the wicks. Make sure to clean your coils as often as possible and replace them regularly. 

Since disposable vapes don’t require maintenance, they provide solid flavour from start to finish. Once the juice runs out, you can recycle the device or toss it in the bin. The usage period won’t last long enough for coils to become an issue.

Cleaning Your Vape

Research has found that the average lifespan of consumer electronics is shortening. Devices “built to last” 30, 20, and even ten years ago don't have the same lasting power when purchased today.

That isn't always true of vapes. Plus, there are things you can do to both extend the lifespan of your reusable vape and deepen the flavour experience. Cleaning is one way to extend the lifespan that also enhances the flavour. 

Trying Different Flavours

The problem might be that you haven't found the right flavour yet. If you aren't satisfied with the current option, look for brands with a broader selection. You can experiment until you find the one that suits your tastes.

Final Thoughts

Your choice of vape plays a considerable role in how much flavour you get when you take a hit. There are things you can do to deepen that flavour and improve the functioning of your vape. But it all comes back to the choice of device.

If you want to try out a disposable vape with a full selection of flavours, check out the WAKA Vape online shop. FlavorLock Tech and multiple flavour options ensure you’ll find the combination that works for you.

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