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Where Can and Can't You Vape Indoors in Canada?

June 13, 2023

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice or guidance. Your responsibility is solely to understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

No one wants to get in trouble with the law for vaping, but in order to follow the laws, you have to know them. There are certain restrictions to vaping indoors in Canada, so you'll want to ensure you're aware of any red lines to avoid unintended consequences.

Below, we're sharing our comprehensive guide to where you can and can't vape indoors in Canada. Bottom line: don't assume it's legal. Be sure to check your local, provincial laws to ensure you comply with all regulations, as they may vary from province to province. Here's what to know.

Is It Legal to Vape Indoors in Canada?

On a country-wide level, no federal laws explicitly prohibit you from vaping indoors. However, many provinces have restrictions on vaping indoors, especially in public areas, and federal law does not disqualify the provincial ones. You will be held to your local laws, so do your homework before you vape inside.

Where Are You Allowed to Vape Indoors in Canada?

It might be unclear, but the laws regarding where you can vape indoors in Canada will vary from province to province. It is up to you to know and understand your local laws as they apply to your situation.

According to current laws at the time of writing this, you're allowed to vape indoors in Canada in the following places.


In Alberta, for example, vaping indoors is legal if the building owner or tenant allows it. However, business owners have the right to create policies and enforce them, which may prohibit vaping indoors. Always check for signs that indicate whether vaping may not be allowed.

One important note is that in Calgary, the province's largest city, a law passed in 2015 banned e-cigarettes and vapes anywhere tobacco cigarettes are banned – the only exception is retail vape stores, where customers may test the products in-store. This means you cannot vape in public premises or workplaces in Calgary.


Similar to Alberta, in Saskatchewan, you are allowed to vape indoors as long as the private business does not have its own restrictions against it. Still, politely asking for permission before you begin vaping in public is generally a good idea.

However, in Saskatoon, municipal law states that you cannot vape indoors if you are within city limits.

Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut

If you want to vape indoors freely, you can do just that in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Nunavut. There are no laws that prohibit vaping indoors in any of these areas. If you can, however, always ask politely before vaping around others.

Private Property

When it comes to private property, the rules are more clear-cut. You can always feel comfortable vaping in your own home no matter where you are in Canada, as long as the home is yours or your landlord does not have an express no-vaping policy. Since these areas are not open to the public, there are no restrictions around vaping indoors.

Where Aren't You Allowed to Vape Indoors in Canada?

While the above territories are more lenient regarding vaping indoors, there are a few provinces where you cannot vape indoors. Know these areas' policies before you try to vape indoors. Otherwise, you may face legal consequences.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, the provincial government has prohibited all indoor vaping in public places, including workplaces and restaurants that serve food. However, under either of these two circumstances, you're permitted to vape indoors:

  • If you're inside a retail vape store, you may sample products as long as it is an adults-only location.
  • If you're inside a designated smoking/vaping room in a hospital or a long-term care facility, you may vape indoors only in this area.

Newfoundland and Labrador

As of 2016, you cannot vape in indoor public places, workplaces, or in any vehicles holding passengers under the age of 16. Before this law was passed and amended, there were no provincial restrictions on where you could or could not vape in public.

Under the new law, you may be required to use your vape in a designated room at places such as long-term care facilities, remote worksites, etc.


Vaping indoors is also illegal under the Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act in Manitoba. Penalties for vaping illegally start small but become more severe after several offences, with potential penalties of up to a $15,000 fine.


Ontario has strict laws that ban vaping inside in public – the Smoke-Free Ontario Act of 2017. Those charged and convicted of the offence may face a fine.


Vaping is prohibited in all indoor public areas, including workplaces and restaurants. The only exception is in a hookah lounge, where those over 18 may vape indoors.

New Brunswick

Similarly, there is also a law in New Brunswick that bans vaping indoors if you're in public. Also note that in this province, you are not legally allowed to vape inside a work vehicle if you have two or more employees inside the vehicle.

Nova Scotia

You cannot vape inside in Nova Scotia. However, you also cannot vape in cars if anyone under 19 is in the car. You may also not vape within 10 metres of any doorways, windows, or air intakes of any kind.

Prince Edward Island

This tiny province does not allow indoor vaping on construction sites or in cars with someone under 19. You may only vape outdoors on restaurant or bar patios between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vaping Allowed Indoors in Canada?

Federally, yes, it's legal, but there are exceptions in many provinces. Many provinces and territories (including Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and more) have laws prohibiting vaping indoors in public places. Check your local laws and ask politely if you can vape indoors before doing so.

Is Vaping Indoors Illegal in Canada?

It depends on the province or territory you're in. At the federal level, vaping indoors is legal unless the building owner or business has specifically banned it. However, many provinces have their own laws that make it illegal to vape indoors in public spaces that override federal law.

Final Thoughts

The rules and regulations surrounding vaping indoors vary from province to province in Canada. When visiting other provinces, it's essential to be aware of the laws where you live and any local policies. When in doubt, ask politely before vaping indoors. Knowing when it is and isn't appropriate to vape can help ensure that everyone is comfortable and help you avoid unintended legal consequences. And if you're looking for disposable vapes, shop WAKA Vape for your next pick.

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