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How To Dispose of Disposable Vapes in Canada

April 22, 2023

While you may adore disposable vapes, it’s important to responsibly dispose of them when they run out of juice.

These devices contain valuable materials that can harm our ecosystem and further contribute to e-waste in Canada. We’ll explore how to dispose of your vapes properly to minimize environmental impact. 

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Disposable Vapes

Vaping devices rely on lithium-ion batteries that can pose environmental hazards if not disposed of properly. These batteries contain e-liquid that can seep into the soil and water, leading to contamination that can endanger wildlife and even poison our drinking water.

In addition, the plastic parts of disposable vapes can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to the plastic pollution problem. Millions of disposable vapes are ending up in landfills, despite containing metals that could be recycled into phone or electric vehicle batteries. Recycling the components ensures that you help to conserve natural resources and reduce waste. 

How To Safely Dispose of Your Disposable Vapes

Follow these steps to safely dispose of your vapes so that you can help prevent harm to public health and protect the environment.

  1. Check the Batteries and E-Liquids
  2. Safely Store Your Used Vape
  3. Dissemble Your Disposable Vape
  4. Recycle the Parts
  5. Dispose of the Remaining Parts

Check the Batteries and E-Liquids 

Before you throw away your vape, you want to use the device until the e-liquid is fully depleted and the battery runs out. This tip ensures that there isn’t any remaining battery power or e-liquid that could be a hazard.

Batteries that still have power can be a fire hazard if disposed of improperly. Simply use the vape device until it can no longer produce any vapour. Using the vape until there’s no e-liquid left ensures no leaks or spills can contaminate our waters or soil. 

Safely Store Your Used Vape

For storage after use, we recommend keeping your disposable vape in sealable plastic containers or bags in a dark, cool location. This helps to contain odours and prevent spills and leaks as well. It also keeps the container or bag out of reach for pets and children. 

You can separate them by vape cartridge, plastic components, metals like heating coils or screws, and batteries. 

Dissemble Your Disposable Vape

You’ll want to disassemble your vape pen to easily recycle the individual parts and limit the amount of waste. 

Begin by taking off the mouthpiece. Depending on the design of the vape pen, you’ll have to pull or twist it off. You may have to use pliers or a screwdriver to pop off both ends of the vape. Then push the battery out. 

If it’s not designed to be disassembled, you’ll want to check with your local waste management company on how to dispose of it. 

Recycle the Parts

Once you’ve disassembled the vape, you can now recycle the parts. Recycle your plastic components through electronic waste collection events or curbside recycling programs. 

Separating the plastic parts from metal components and the battery is crucial before recycling. Rinse the plastic to remove any residue. Next, let's move on to the battery, which contains toxic chemicals like cadmium, aluminium, and lead, which harm our ecosystem. 

Many e-waste centers will accept batteries and handle their disposal of them. Certain Canadian communities organize collection events for used electronics and batteries. These events provide a convenient drop-off location for individuals looking to dispose of their used vaping devices and batteries. Place the batteries in a plastic bag separate from other parts to prevent the risk of explosion or fire. 

Canada offers a national vape recycling program to help consumers safely and responsibly dispose of their vape pens. Many cannabis retail locations across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia will have collection boxes that accept vape batteries, pens, and cartridges. This is the only reliable resource that allows you to recycle the entire vape, saving you a lot of hassle during disassembly. 

If you’re unsure how to dispose of WAKA vape pens, always check with your local garbage classifications to determine the most environmentally-friendly way. You can also contact our global service team if you have any questions. 

Dispose of the Remaining Parts 

Some vape pen parts, like the heating element and cotton wick, can’t be recycled. Thus, you’ll need to get rid of them safely. Throw the heating element away in the hazardous waste bin. However, the temperature must be cool before disposal. We also recommend throwing the cotton wick away with your regular trash; however, ensure it’s free from any e-liquid. 

Final Thoughts

With vaping becoming more prevalent, especially among younger age groups in Canada, it’s important to understand how to dispose of them safely. If you’re interested in high-tech vape products that deliver a smooth experience, check out WAKA Vape. With a wide selection of products and flavours, you can choose the right vape pen to meet your needs.

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