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How Long Do You Hold In Vapour?

December 06, 2023

It can often be hard to separate facts from myths in the vaping world, partly due to a lack of consistent research. While some vapers have specific rules about how long to hold the vapour in, others don’t consider it.

So, if you’re wondering how to inhale vapour and how long to hold it, read on to get informed and make the right decision for you.

How Do You Inhale Vapour?

For those who have transitioned from smoking to vaping, you might be wondering how to inhale the vapour. Is it different from inhaling smoke from a tobacco cigarette?’

When it comes to vaping, there are two main techniques for inhaling vapour: Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung, also coined ‘Direct Lung’. Knowing the difference is crucial if you’ve recently transitioned from smoking to vaping, and the direct-to-lung option tends to be different than what ex-smokers know. 

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

This technique is similar to how it sounds: you draw the vapour in your mouth, hold it there for a moment, and then inhale it into the lungs. For some, keeping it in their mouth is a preference so they can taste the flavour of the vapour better. 

Other reasons that people use this technique include it being habitual for those who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes, as well as others who believe that holding the vapour in their mouths for a moment will absorb more nicotine. 

Direct Lung (DL)

Some vape designs encourage the DL technique because they have a DL delivery system. Instead of holding the vapour in your mouth, you inhale it directly into the lungs. Once there, you keep it in your lungs for a moment before exhaling or exhaling the vapour almost immediately. 

For those who used to smoke, this technique can feel unusual or strange at first, but plenty of experienced vapers prefer this method. 

What Effects Does Holding in Vapour for Longer Have?

With new research coming out all the time (and the need for more research), the vaping world can often be full of myths and contradictions. Some vapers believe that using the mouth-to-lung method, thus absorbing nicotine through the tissues of your mouth, will allow you to absorb more nicotine. 

However, while your mouth can absorb nicotine from vapes, there isn’t clear evidence that this equals a substantial quantity of nicotine compared to absorption through the lungs. While a study from 2000 shows that nicotine is absorbed through the mucosa of the oral cavity of the mouth and the lungs absorb minimal amounts, it doesn’t assess how much time you would need to hold the vapour in your mouth or lungs to make this difference. 

So, while it isn’t an utterly unwarranted thought, there’s still too little research to determine how the duration of holding the vapour in your mouth or lungs makes a difference, if any. Whether you hold the moisture for a second or longer, it’s important to note that your body will still absorb the nicotine, and the inhalation has potential risks to your lungs and heart and increases the risk of seizures and burns.

The effects of holding in vapour for over a few seconds, whichever technique you choose, are unknown. 

So, How Long Should You Hold in Vapour For?

Based on current research (or the lack thereof), you can hold the vapour in your mouth or lungs for as long as you want. If you prefer to keep it in your mouth out of habit or get a strong taste of the vapour, hold it in for longer. However, if you aren’t fussed by keeping moisture in your mouth or lungs for extended periods, don’t. 

Final Thoughts

Whichever way you decide to vape, whether the DL or MTL method, holding the vapour in for extended periods is unlikely to make much if any, difference to your experience or the levels of nicotine absorption. It doesn't matter if you’ve been vaping for a long time or a short time, find the correct method and vape for you by browsing WAKA Vape’s collections today!

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