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Countries Where Vaping Is Illegal

December 31, 2023

Disclaimer: This article should not serve as legal advice or be considered factually correct. Please refer to local laws and regulations for the latest information about vaping laws.

If you’re planning a trip abroad soon, there are a lot of things you’ll need to organize and plan for. For example, you’ll need travel insurance, to convert some cash into the relevant currency, and to learn the rules and regulations of the country you are going to.

If you’re a vaper, that last one is particularly important. While you might be clued up on the vaping rules in Canada, not every country is so lenient. In fact, some countries have outright banned vaping - both the sale of vapes and the use of them.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this handy list of all the countries where vaping is banned. Read on to find out more.

Countries Where the Sale or Use of Vaping Products is Banned

Although rules and regulations regarding vaping in Canada are relatively lenient, other countries worldwide have chosen to adopt more strict approaches. Some have gone so far as to completely ban the sale and use of vapes altogether, and others have put in place protective measures to keep the potential harm of vapes at bay.

The World Health Organisation does a report each year on the global tobacco epidemic, and in recent years, it’s started including vapes. They refer to vapes as ENDS - Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. According to the 2023 report:

  • 121 countries have some level of regulation for vape devices
  • 34 countries completely ban the sale of ENDS
  • 87 countries have put in place at least one legislative measure regarding vapes
  • 42 countries have a ban in place for the use of vapes in all indoor public areas (including workplaces and public transport)
  • 74 countries have absolutely no regulation or legislation for vapes at all

It’s important to remember that in the countries that have bans in place for vaping, that includes all types of vape devices, including disposable vapes. Read on to learn which countries have a ban (page 125) on the sale or use of vaping so you are aware if and when you visit these countries.


Argentina banned vape devices back in 2011, and any device, accessories, and e-liquids remain prohibited. If you are travelling to Argentina, refrain from bringing or attempting to buy vapes, even disposable ones.


Brazil banned vaping in 2009 - very early on when vapes had only just begun to hit the market. They remain banned today with the reason being a lack of scientific data.

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam bans any product that can be regarded as imitating tobacco cigarettes. In fact, if you fail to follow the prohibition, you can be fined several thousand dollars.

Cabo Verde

The African country of Cabo Verde also bans all kinds of vape or e-cigarette products, and therefore, you should take this into consideration should you wish to travel there.


The use, import, and sale of any and all vape devices were banned by the Cambodian government in March 2021.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea - also known as North Korea - has also banned all uses and sales of vaping devices.


Ethiopia has banned not only the sale and use of vaping devices but also the manufacture of the products.


It was in 2016 when Gambia prohibited not only the sale and distribution of ENDS but also the possession of them. That means you should take extra care to ensure you do not have any vape product on you in Gambia.


In 2019, India followed other countries and put in place a blanket ban on all e-cigarette products, including vapes. This also covers the transport of vapes.

Islamic Republic of Iran

Even the advertising of vape or ENDS products is forbidden in Iran. This rule, along with the ban on using or selling, came into place in 2008.


Also in 2008, Iraq put in place a complete ban on all e-cigarette products, in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.


Not only has Jordan altogether prohibited vaping, but it’s also put a total ban on smoking as well. 

People’s Democratic Republic of Lao

The Southeast Asian country of Lao has also moved towards a zero-tolerance policy on vaping. Ensure you do not bring any products into the country or have any on your person.


Malaysia has a ban on vaping products for those born in or after 2007, effectively wiping out the habit for a generation who might get addicted.


In Mauritius, there is a complete ban on the manufacture and sale of vaping products. However, this does not go so far as to include their use.


Mexico has banned the sale and use of vape products, and it seems like they are also considering extending that to cigarettes as well—something to consider if you travel there.


Joining other South American countries, Nicaragua has banned the sale of vapes entirely.


The importation and sale of vaping and e-cigarette products is banned in Norway. There have been some suggestions this might be lifted, though. So make sure to check before you travel.


The sale of e-cigarettes and vape devices is banned in Palestine, so you will not be able to purchase any product.


It seems that the sale and marketing of vaping is banned in Oman, but possession and use are not.


Panama is another country that has banned all sales or importation of vape products, and that also includes those that do not have nicotine in them.


Qatar put a ban in place in 2014, and the consequences of possession alone are significant compared to other countries.


Due to the blanket ban on vaping in Singapore, even owning or using a vape product can get you a fine of several thousand dollars.

Sri Lanka

Importation, sale, and even transport of vapes and e-cigarettes is banned in Sri Lanka, along with other countries in the region.


Joining other South American countries, Suriname has banned the sale of vape and e-cigarette products.

Syrian Arab Republic

The Syrian Arab Republic is another example of a country that has put a total ban in place for vaping from sale to purchase to use.


Along with other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has banned vapes, and it is illegal to use them in the country.


The laws in Timor-Leste cover mainly the sale and advertising of vape products but are more lenient on the use of them.


Similarly, Türkiye has also banned the sale of e-cigarettes and the associated e-liquids. However, the usage rules are more relaxed.


Turkmenistan has also clamped down on vaping rules and has legislated a full ban, albeit one that seems to have surprised people by its abruptness.


Uganda has also opted for a full ban on vape devices and associated products in further efforts to tackle nicotine use.


Going one step further, Uraguay has banned the sale, importation, and advertisement of vaping products and made it illegal to even register for a trademark or patent for vaping products.


The World Health Organisation lists Vanuatu as being a country that has a complete ban on vaping. From sales to usage.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

And finally, along with many other Latin American countries, Venezuela has issued a blanket ban on all vaping products and associated e-liquids. This includes sales, advertising, purchasing, and usage. This means you should not bring any vape products into the country.

Final Thoughts

Given that vaping is still a relatively new concept and that the products associated with vaping are being upgraded and changed all the time, many countries have decided it is best to put a blanket ban on everything from selling to using them. While these countries are the minority, it's important to remember that their rules must be followed if you visit any of these countries.

Always check the government regulations before travelling to a new place.

At least one thing is sure - you're fine to vape in Canada. So, to upgrade your device or to buy new e-liquids, check out WAKA's collection now.

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