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10 Best Songs for Vaping

June 27, 2023

For many vapers, vaping is about the “vibe” around you. If the vibe isn’t right, the vaping experience lessens, whether you’re by yourself or with others. That’s why it's always best to include these ten songs into your vaping playlist so you’re never struggling to hit the right tone.

1. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Initially released in 2012, ‘Radioactive’ never gets old. With iconic lines like “Welcome to the new age,” “I’m breathing in the chemicals,” and “I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones / Enough to make my systems blow,” it’s easy to see why this tune makes the top 10 songs to listen to while vaping. 

With its epic drum beat, this song can feel like a battle cry, combined with lead singer Dan Reynolds’ powerful voice, which turns it into an anthem. So add this to your playlist, then when vaping, feel the spirit of revolution and live for the moment. 

2. Get Off My Cloud - The Rolling Stones

Not all vapers are the same; parties or crowds aren’t always the place for chilling out and vaping, like some vapers like to do. So if you’re looking for a solo vape session, then consider ‘Get Off My Cloud,’ a classic rock song for those who want to embrace the introvert within. 

So after a long day, sit on your balcony, look out the window, and play this tune; kiss the outside world goodbye as you chill out. Take yourself to that place of peace and tell anyone who wants to interrupt you, “Don’t hang around cause two’s a crowd.”

3. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

However, rock isn’t everyone’s favourite go-to for a chill-out solo vaping session. While not the most uplifting song, this classic has a way of tuning out the world, transporting you somewhere else, and embracing the moment before it passes. 

This song will take you to a neutral, calming space during your vaping session.

4. Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran

Hailed as the most streamed song of 2021, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’ is the perfect song if you’re looking for an upbeat, tongue-in-cheek accompaniment to vaping while alone or with friends. Channelling the “late nights” and “conversations with a stranger,” Ed Sheeran perfectly reveals the bliss in a chaotic party environment. 

Its catchy melody will get everybody singing, dancing, or both!

5. Blowin’ in the Wind - Bob Dylan

‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ is an all-around classic which has been popular among each generation since its release in 1963. It’s also the perfect accompaniment for anyone who likes to ask life's more important questions or considers their time vaping as a time to get philosophical (solo or with like-minded people). 

If you consider yourself political, many consider this Bob Dylan classic to be a protest song with lyrics like “Yes, and how many deaths will it take 'til he knows / That too many people have died?” Unsurprisingly, these lyrics draw upon ideas of social responsibility and question the ethics of war.

The song will create a relaxing atmosphere with its calming guitar and harmonica. Whether playing in the background while chatting with friends or used to fill the silence, ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ will get you thinking. 

6. Green Grass Vapors - Angie Stone

If a bit of 60s Bob Dylan isn’t your “vibe,” you don’t have to compromise on a relaxed atmosphere. Consider this class R&B tune, which will be a great addition to putting your feet up and relaxing. Whether taking a minute to yourself or with friends, make sure to have this R&B track on your playlist. 

It’s also a great track if you want to embrace the vaping experience by listening to music all about vaping too. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. 

7. Misty Morning - Bob Marley 

Bob Marley is synonymous with the “don’t worry, be happy" ethos, and to channel this, listen to Bob Marley while relaxing after a long day at work or even just for fun at the weekend while you vape away your stresses. 

‘Misty Morning’ has a fun beat where your vapours can dissipate into the calypso tone of the music. Much like Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ In The Wind,’ this is an excellent track for those looking to relax in a philosophical sphere. With lyrics like “Don’t jump in the water if you can’t swim,” listeners can quietly contemplate the more profound thoughts of the number while vaping.

8. Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary

It might seem strange to suggest a seemingly innocent childhood song — almost a nursery rhyme — to vape to, but this song remains popular among vapers. For those who want to bask in the nostalgia of this song, it’s a fun tune to sing and feel like a big kid again.

Not everyone feels this song is so innocent. Some believe the song references smoking and vaping with the repeated focus on the dragon's name: “Puff.” The apparent allusion to smoke is a fun, tongue-in-cheek song for vapers to listen to while they vape. 

9. Blinding Lights - The Weeknd 

Recently The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ has climbed to a record-breaking height being the most streamed song in Spotify’s history - ever! And it’s easy to understand why. It's a catchy tune, and its free-spirited nature is a great accompaniment for vapers wanting to zone out or get a bit romantic. 

With lyrics such as “No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch” and “When I'm like this, you're the one I trust,” romance and plumes of vapour will be in the air. So embrace the moment, day or night, and take yourself to a more romantic place. 

10. Slide - Calvin Harris, Ft. Frank Ocean and Migos

For those who aren’t averse to listening to mainstream music but don’t want their vaping sessions filled with songs they’ve heard a million times, ‘Slide’ could be a great addition to your playlist. 

With some of the biggest names in the industry, this tune is great to spice up a more chill vibe or to get everyone dancing. With lyrics like “boy with the pipe” and setting itself at night, it speaks to a late-night vaping session with others or solo. However, listen cautiously, as the song contains words that could offend others. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about what music to add to a playlist while you vape, these ten songs will surely please your senses. With great variety and some more tongue-in-cheek numbers, you can listen to great music while relaxing or socializing. The less severe songs mean your vape session is never too serious. 

So get your vape, kick back, and relax while listening to some of the best songs out there. If you’ve run out, consider restocking by browsing our selection at WAKA Vape.

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