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How To Avoid a Burning Sensation When Vaping

January 24, 2024

You don’t have to be new to vaping to experience a burning sensation, often in your throat. This might occur due to an infrequent instance, such as being dehydrated or dry burning your coil, that you only notice once or twice. However, if you're experiencing the unpleasant taste often, it can ruin your vaping experience and become a nuisance. 

But all is not lost if you’re experiencing this burning sensation; there are many preventative methods to stop the burning feeling from happening time after time. 

Read on to discover what you can do to change your vaping experience today! 

Why Does My Throat Burn When I Hit My Vape?

Burning sensations are signs of something being wrong; this is the same for when you vape. You get a burning sensation at the back of your throat for many reasons. For almost all vapers, any burning feeling in the throat is unwelcome. 

In some cases, for those who have started vaping, the sensation of the vapour reaching their throat might feel unpleasant or unsettling. It can make some people cough or gain sore throats until they get familiar with the feeling. 

However, if you’re experiencing an unpleasant feeling each time you vape, this isn’t something you need to tolerate. Whether down to the e-juice formula, style of vaping, or your context, there are loads of reasons why you could feel the burning sensation too much. So, it’s best to assess all the possible reasons and eliminate them individually. 

How To Prevent a Burning Sensation When Vaping

Understanding how to prevent a burning sensation in your throat goes hand-in-hand with comprehending its cause. For example, if you start by trying to avoid the burning sensation by vaping less frequently, and it works, then you know the reason behind your sore throat was that you were possibly vaping too often. 

To help you discover the reason behind your uncomfortable throat sensation, let's look into possible methods to prevent it:

  1. Change Your Vaping Style
  2. Vaping Less Frequently 
  3. Lower Nicotine Level 
  4. Change E-Liquid Ingredients 
  5. Check for Tobacco Withdrawal 
  6. Ensure Coils Are Nickle-Free
  7. Change E-Liquid Flavour

1. Change Your Vaping Style

One simple change you can make is how you vape, meaning your vaping technique. When thinking about how to inhale the vapour, remember there isn’t simply one way to vape; there’s mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. If you choose the former method, you might get a sore throat more than if you used the DTL method. 

The MTL style means you inhale the vapour into your mouth first, let it sit, and then inhale it into your lungs. Meanwhile, the DTL method bypasses your mouth, and the vapour flows straight to your lungs. If you have a sore throat, try to change your method and see if it makes a difference after a few days. 

2. Vaping Less Frequently 

It’s always important to consider how often you vape so you have a good awareness of your frequency. Like many habits, it can be surprising how often you do an activity without realizing it, such as biting your nails, playing with your hair, or vaping. If your vaping has become habitual, it’s crucial that should you have a sore throat, you lessen your vaping activity. 

Altogether, ceasing vaping could produce unwanted withdrawal symptoms. However, a high quantity of vaping could be the reason behind your burning sensation. As well as lessening the amount you vape, you could try to avoid chain vaping (like chain smoking, you don’t vape too much in one go). Instead, after inhaling vapour, have a little rest - breathe in fresh air - and stay hydrated. 

3. Lower Nicotine Level 

It’s crucial to remember that most vapers use vapes to inhale nicotine, the highly addictive chemical, which comes with risks such as leading to physical dependence and addiction. Some vapes will even allow you to change the levels of nicotine that you breathe in with each inhalation. If you find you have a sore throat, one of the first factors to consider is whether you’re consuming more nicotine than you’re used to. 

Changing the level of nicotine could be the answer to your problem, but it’s best to lower the nicotine content slowly. Remember, if you were to reduce the nicotine levels to a large extent suddenly, you could experience nicotine withdrawal, which produces unpleasant physical and mental symptoms

In lowering it slightly, the sore throat can dissipate completely because the nicotine is no longer irritating your throat. 

4. Change E-Liquid Ingredients 

It might surprise you that your e-juice ingredients could be the culprit behind your sore, burning sensation. The two main ingredients in every e-liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Although this isn’t true for every vaper, some find high PG concentrated e-liquids cause sore throats. 

So, if you’re experiencing this burning feeling, first check your ingredients and then change to a high VG content e-juice. Some e-liquids will have a mix of PG and VG, and some will be purely VG e-juices, so discovering your ideal ratio may take some trial and error. However, this simple change might be enough to prevent the burning sensation.

5. Check for Tobacco Withdrawal 

Context is everything, and it’s no different with this vaping problem. If you were a tobacco smoker but have recently started using vapes, you might be experiencing tobacco withdrawal, which can cause a sore throat. Other symptoms can include fatigue and digestive issues.

In this case, you must stay hydrated and wait for the withdrawal to end. Suppose you started vaping after tobacco smoking, and you’re vaping a lot. It might be wise also to vape a little less in case the combination of high frequency and tobacco withdrawal is causing a double effect. 

6. Ensure Coils Are Nickle-Free

Vapes can come with all sorts of issues because of their various components: disposable vapes can start to feel hot, and it can be confusing asto how vapes work. The coils you choose or buy in your vape could also be why you have a sore throat. Did you know some people can be allergic to the nickel some coils possess.?

Knowing what material your coils are can be challenging, so this preventative method is a little more complex than the others. Yet, it’s well worth investing in lower-nickel nickel-free coils to see if that makes any difference to your vaping experience. 

7. Change E-Liquid Flavour

Have you found a new, exciting e-juice flavour that you love to use? Does the change to this flavour coincide with this unpleasant burning sensation? 

Sadly, not every flavour is suitable for every vaper. It might be that the new flavour is why you have a sore throat. Some flavours irritate people’s throats, and if you vape your flavour a lot, your throat will become even more irritated. 

Final Thoughts

No matter the cause, the burning sensation you experience doesn't have to stay. With these preventable methods, you should be able to discover what is causing your sore throat and devise ways to prevent it from occurring regularly. If your vape or e-juice isn’t good quality, it's also time to discover the WAKA vapes collection and upgrade your experience!

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