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Strawberry Mango
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Strawberry Grape
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Disposable Vape WAKA SOLO

Satisfaction, Just One Puff Away

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Up to 1800

Combining the bursting flavor of cherries and the zest of lime peels, this flavor is a well-balanced citrus blend.

This aroma is packed with the refreshing icy taste of watermelon. A hint of mint is twisted into the juicy flavor to provide a very cooling edge to sweet notes—a real summer fusion.

Sweet, sour, and infused with ice, this grape and apple blend delivers a delightfully layered aroma. A single puff delivers a cooling blast of sweet apples and sharp grapes.

This aroma is a sweet blast of ripe lychee, fresh from the tropics. Infused with icy sensations, every puff will remind you of a refreshing drink at a tropical location.

The sweet pineapple flavor is enhanced by the tangy infusion of passion fruit, each puff washing around the mouth like a cooling tropical breeze.

The delightfully sweet strawberry is fused with floral sensations to maximize smoothness. Every puff cascades over the tongue like fresh cream.

Every puff soothes the senses with crisp mint. The minty herbal aroma soothes the senses, while cooling waterdrops leave a refreshing chill.

The sweetness of fresh mango is twisted with a cooling squeeze of orange. This fruity aroma delivers a tangy mango blast straight to your taste buds, while notes of citrus orange keep things chilled.

This tropical aroma brims with the tangy tones of rich pineapple. Sweet notes are expertly balanced with sour for that authentic ripe flavor, satisfying the sweet tooth while providing a gentle chill.

This flavor is a rich blend of strawberry and mango. Each puff delivers strong strawberry notes, enhanced with lush mango, combining on the tongue for a wonderfully creamy sensation.

Refreshing with every puff, this aroma is a sharp twist of lemon dipped in refreshing mint. Zesty lemons titillate the tongue with sour drops, while minty tones gently freshen the senses.

This flavor delivers a lush banana blast, with a sweet creaminess that slides your taste buds into the tropics.

This aroma is jam packed with the taste of rich cherries. Zesty notes of sweet and sour ignites the taste buds, before giving way to a juicy burst of natural cherries.

The richly blended aroma bursts with tangy ripe blueberries. The full-bodied taste blends to a deep sweetness that cascades over the taste buds, delivering a hearty berry treat.

This is an exciting mix of lemon sensations. Zesty sweetness stimulates the palate while creamy lemon gives a smooth after taste, with a soft chill accentuating the sweet notes.

This tropical flavor titillates the taste buds with a deep blend of exotic fruit. Sweet mango is infused with sharp lychees to provide a wonderful balance of sweet fruit, every puff full of tropical aromas.

This is a tangy blend of two classic flavors. The burst of sharp grapes is accentuated by the cool feeling of sweet strawberries, providing a succulent chilled sensation with every puff.



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5-7 days use
Disposable Vape WAKA SOLO
Regular price
CAD $17.99
Sale price
CAD $17.99
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Why choose WAKA Solo Disposable Vapes

- Powered by the 2nd generation of MESH technology for an ultra rich and smooth taste with 12W high power 

- The taste stays consistent from the first puff to the last

-Smoother experience with less noise & overheating

- Resilient and powerful battery is CB-62133 certified and passed 23 all-encompassing tests

- 5.5ml e-liquid capacity provides up to 1800 puffs

- Each flavor is tested and picked by thousands of users all around the world and fine-tuned through 3 rounds by master flavorists

- Premium e-liquid passed all relevant health standards for toxic substances and 15 safety tests

Black & white rocket design adds a futuristic look to your style

- LED tail lamp that flashes on every puff, the crowd noticing your every breath

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Prem Kumar
Waka Solo -Mint

Nice product.

Melanie Gallovich

Love this vape and very happy to find it online! Unfortunately my local shell was always back order soI checked it out and now I’ll always order them here🤗 thank you 🙏🏼

Ardith Ross

Disposable Vape WAKA SOLO

jared Gay
Great. But the ends taste like poop.

Great taste. Last long. But once ya get to the end. Throw em out or your vaping butt.

Will be a customer for life.


Worst disposable I've ever used. Burns the throat with just the slightest puff and now I'm coughing after each use. Air flow is not adjustable either. Flavour was decent but each drag is a disappointment.

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